Weekender – Toronto


Weekender – MarineLand

Deer Park:



Belugas and a killer whale:


08-10-2014_Marineland-138 08-10-2014_Marineland-139






See you soon!


Weekender – Think Spring!

04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-018

I had a little outing last week, we went for a nice walk at Presque Isle with my friends Kristen, Joshua and Tyson (their dog). It was very windy but the sun was in and out and we had a lovely time. I especially liked the sandy beach… amazing how the lake was still iced over at parts. You can see the white outline on the horizon… that’s all ice! See more below…


House shoot for a friend

This week I did a favor for a friend and took some photos of an apartment he helps to let out. I enjoyed it immensely playing around with lighting and angles. Most of the pictures were more practical to depict the apartment as life like as possible but I managed to take a few more artistic, visually pleasing shots too. Sometimes it feels good to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with a new topic.


  1. Your poppy flash on top of the camera is really not your friend causing weird shadows, so whenever you can, try to go without it.
  2. Be aware that you generally expose for the inside or the outside and how to still get good results by shooting RAW and using a good editing software to correct your pictures (my choice is Adobe Lightroom)!
  3. Consider angles and lines carefully while composing your pictures! Use the third lines not just the middle of the frame!
  4. Get familiar with your lenses and know their weaknesses, especially how much distortion they have at different focal lengths.
  5. Know for what reason you’re taking pictures of the interior and exterior of a building and take your pictures with that in mind. They will look very different when they are for an informative advert or artistic reasons.

The front yard:



Fun Curling in Canada


I love the sport! I think it is a delight to watch on TV (though others sometimes call it boring…) and even better to participate. I love that you need a lot of skill (good aim, perfectly calculated strength, stamina) and a good sense of balance on slidy ice to play well. I’m definitely lacking on the balance front but it gave life to a lot of hilarity that I took good-naturedly and just laughed with the crowd. I also tend to keep my mouth open wide when I concentrate so I apologies in advance for the weird pictures of me.


Weekender – Photo Walk in The Neighborhood

03-01-2014_neighborhood walk-043

03-01-2014_neighborhood walk-009 03-01-2014_neighborhood walk-014

03-01-2014_neighborhood walk-025 03-01-2014_neighborhood walk-028

03-01-2014_neighborhood walk-032 03-01-2014_neighborhood walk-040

First Hockey Game Ever

Today I’ve seen my first hockey game ever. It was interesting that I will surely repeat some time and it is a good opportunity to learn photographing fast moving subjects. It was a humbling experience, I still have a lot to learn!

02-21-2014_first hockey-012


Weekender – Festival At Lake Chautauqua

President’s Day Winter Festival at the LakeLake Chautauqua 1

Walking and fooling around with the guys. The castle wasn’t anything great but we had a good time despite the cold.

Lake Chautauqua 3Lake Chautauqua 10Lake Chautauqua 9

There was an old steam boat waiting for warmer times. I would like to try a ride on it in spring.

Lake Chautauqua 5Lake Chautauqua 6Lake Chautauqua 4Lake Chautauqua 8Lake Chautauqua 2

The best moment was at golden hour when we drove up to the Visiting Center and stopped to take some photos. Beautiful view! Click to enlarge!

Lake Chautauqua 11 Lake Chautauqua 12