Decisions, Decisions on … Photo Equipment

2014-02-23 21.58.30I’ve spent the last three days perusing bigger shopping websites for equipment specs.

Yes, I’m extending… I should have done it years ago when I’ve got into photography but I spent so much on it the first time that I kept postponing spending more and then I wasn’t using it enough the last 1 year.


Post Valentine blues

Post Valentine's Day

Valentine is over and this time I tried to enjoy it…
Looked for inspirational art and cute craft ideas ✔
Made Pink Cookies for everyone I know ✔
Wore a purple-pink scarf ✔

On another note this holiday got me thinking of home and left me feeling a little bit lonely. Post holiday blues or melancholy is a common “sickness” and everybody needs to deal with it. I was already working on this post when I found Patricia Bright’s recent motivational video about coping techniques for loneliness. She is a lovely person and I agree with everything she mentioned and advise you to follow them if you feel permanently estranged from your peers, but since I am far from my loved ones, a little bit of sadness seems normal. When it sneaks up on me I have generally two paths to take, one is the cheer up routine and the other, well… just immerse yourself in it for a little while. Because sometimes it is “nice” (in a weird way) to feel melancholic. Again this is expected, we are human and all the sad books, films and songs stand testimony to it.

But how to do this constructively? Here’s a few ideas for medicinal wallowing.