State Your Stationary


Stationary is a new-old thing for me. I remember standing before pretty notebooks and cards when I was a youngster but a since then gradually turned towards more digital solutions until my move to America, when I had to leave all my papers and writing stuff behind, then I went completely digital. I love how handy it is just to type something into a device and see it on all your gadgets seconds after. Cool and fascinating! But there IS something about handling something made of paper, a curious satisfaction in turning the pages and see the handwritten lines crawl over every possible space.

For studying I still find the ease of technology refreshing for practical reasons but for creative writing I will try to turn back to the old-fashioned. So I’m back in business… My stash of stationary and pens is seriously lacking so I’m thinking more upgrade in the future. Love fountain pens and can’t wait to put my paws on a new one!!!


In the meanwhile back to the present. I used Barnes & Nobles’ webshop to purchase two notebooks, a fancy and a simple one to encourage myself to take up handwriting and some pretty colored pens. Hope to spend some quality time in their company!


03-06-2014_stationary-011 03-06-2014_stationary-013

Julia Rothman Typewriter Eco-Journal


Rhodia Orange Side Stapled Lined Journal 6″ x 8.25

See you soon!

Why now?

I’ve been meaning to start blogging for at least a year now but definitely since I left my home in Hungary. BUT, and that’s a big but, I never managed to really work up to it…

You could ask what changed then. And the answer wouldn’t be more time on my hands or new ideas buzzing in my head, not even a dream or strange urge. It was something so much more simple that from now on is inexplicable connected in my head with blogging for the infinity of time.

It was a planner… a pretty planner to be exact! IT MADE ME DO IT!!!

punc;tuate green Venice planner