Hungarian Easter Customs

04-20-2014_Easter Sunday-012

I thought today is the right time to share some of the Hungarian Easter customs we have. Our Easter celebrations are a little bit different in some aspects.


Hungarian Easter Meal

04-19-2014_Easter dinner-203

It’s Easter and it is one of my favorite holidays food wise. My Mom’s cooking is superb, she’s been doing it for 40 years and it’s hard to live up to but I always try. This year since being far from home and there’s no way of tasting Mom’s food I made our traditional Hungarian Easter meal by myself for the first time. It’s not a complicated fare… basically a cold dinner. 95% of the time we eat cold food for dinner and breakfast and only lunch is warm. For my family Easter starts on Saturday afternoon when we go to church, participate in an Easter procession and then go home to eat the first specially prepared dinner. I decided to prepare one for my friends yesterday. So the menu was …

  • Cooked smoked ham with horse-radish
  • Boiled eggs (there’s a little twist there, more down below)
  • Mildly sweet bread called Kalács/ca-laa-ch/
  • Radish


Weekender – Think Spring!

04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-018

I had a little outing last week, we went for a nice walk at Presque Isle with my friends Kristen, Joshua and Tyson (their dog). It was very windy but the sun was in and out and we had a lovely time. I especially liked the sandy beach… amazing how the lake was still iced over at parts. You can see the white outline on the horizon… that’s all ice! See more below…


Drugstore Spring

04-05-2014_drugstore spring-013

After writing about my luxe spring collection pieces I felt it would be fair to show some of my drugstore goodies for spring as well. Here’s a little bit of everything: eyes, cheeks and lips. I definitely favor pinks and peaches.


Spring Collection 2014 Reviews And Make-up Look

Spring look-015

As part of my spring series it’s time for reviews and a make-up look. In the last two months I purchased some pieces from the NARS Final Cut Collection for Spring 2014, and a powder from Clarins Opalescence Spring 2014 Collection.

Spring makeup for me is subtle, full of peach and rosy pink and really light on the face. I like to leave off bronzer and shimmer on the cheeks and prefer naturally bright skin peeking out under my foundation (I achieve that with skin-care products like Origins Gin-Zing Energizing Moisturizer, see review here). And if we are already talking about it, at spring time I like lighter mineral foundations paired with a good-coverage concealer at least until summer heat sets in and I don’t have a choice if I want to stay relatively oil free with my combination skin. Eye make is also light at this time of the year with some basic colors to slightly emphasize the eye socket and thin black liner (I have Audrey Hepburn in front of my mental eyes when I think spring…). Brows are not too drawn in either to keep it more natural.

The next Spring Collection products help me with this spring look.


Spring is coming…

Spring 3

This is a fact even if it doesn’t look like it all the time on this side of the pond. We had snow fall a few days ago and full-on sunshine the day after, now it’s snowing out there and who knows how tomorrow will be… But I’m hopeful and getting into a spring mood more and more.


Sephora Webshopping and Reviews

Sephora Webshopping

I love Sephora and their skincare and cosmetic lines and I know how hard it is to decide what to spend your money on when you step in that huge place. My first time was 3 HOURS long!!! Also buying in the store is a lot of times not an option for a poor student like me (I use the website a lot). Buying on the internet is quick and easy but it is kinda hard to find the best when you are deprived of the real experience of the senses (touch, smell, sight mostly).  So I read and research before buying and still have misses and overlooked products while I’m on the mission of looking for the best. In this context even if it seems over-crowded in the blogging world, writing reviews is something important. You cannot have enough information (especially if you don’t have copious amounts of money) so I will do my best to give a good, solid opinion and tips for usage whenever I decide to mention and photograph a product.