Mascara Masquerade


My old and trusty mascaras (Maybelline Colossal Volume Waterproof Mascara review here and Clinique High Impact Mascara) both dried out at the same time. I loved the two: the Maybelline was my everyday mascara and I wore the stronger Clinique for special occasions and with evening or eye-heavy make-up. This system worked out quite well so now I’m in search for two new mascaras.

Did I find the perfect matches? Not exactly, I now own one good and one okay in a pinch (such a shame!) and the search is still on.


Happy Sephora Birthday to Me!

happy birthday
28 YEARS OLD – That’s only two away from the feared 3x!!!

Yep, I turned older this weekend but let’s not talk about that…or wait! Why not?! I’m not at the age to start denying my years yet (but getting closer nonetheless) so this will be the one and only time you’ll see it written. I’m going on a ban from tomorrow…

I celebrated with friends this year. I have to thank them for a memorable day/days. Some people, the darlings, started 2 days early just so I can feel even more special. So, everyone! You know who you are! Thank you for cakes, birthday knick-nacks (there’s no life without those), dinner invitations, Cowboy Jamaican Margaritas, hair curlers and many others! You’re the best!!!

I should perhaps start on the topic of this post. Yesterday I could finally drop by Sephora and I picked up my Beauty Insider Birthday Present. It is given in collaboration with MAKE UP FOR EVER, a mini sample of Smokey Extravagant Mascara and a lipstick, Rouge Artist Natural N9.

05-19-2014_Birthday Sephora-010

My first impressions? The whole box is awfully tiny! The mascara is the size I would expect but the lipstick is miniature and the real color doesn’t match the one on the box and internet. It looks/looked much rosy hued.

The mascara is the blackest black and I love the wand. I’m on the look-out for a working, fall-out less one. Perhaps, I found it? The lipstick is buttery with a low-key shine, not too long-lasting as expected from this kind of formula. The color, however is basically non-existent on my lips (a perfect color match), so much that I’m not even able to tell how opaque it is. I’ll get back to you with more details after some testing-testing…

All in all it’s a nice idea! Women and me especially are easy to make happy with free/gift make-up. Keep up the good job, Sephora! If it depends on me, I’ll be a VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) before the year is out…

See you soon!