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Valentine Or Not To Valentine

I happen to be one of the unfortunate ones to always spend Valentine’s alone. It just happens so generally I’m really on the fence about this holiday. I would like to love it for obvious reasons… I am a woman and a romantic at heart that keeps telling me a holiday centered around LOVE is worth celebrating.

But I am a little bit cynical as well and see all the media circus around it as a marketing tool, an artificially stoked fire. Also if the only day you remember to celebrate your feelings is on Valentine’s in my opinioyou you need to work on your relationship skills. Yeah, that sounds kind of bad, perhaps only jealousy is talking here. I will never know until I manage to spend it with someone and see what the fuss is all about.

Anyway, this Valentine is working up to be even worse then the rest (far from home and still a little sick from a nasty cold) so I need some cheering a minute of OMMM with Valentine’s festive spirit so I put together a little moodboard of a kind for myself and everyone else who needs it.