Nikon AF-S DX 16-85mm f3.5 – 5.6G ED VR lens review

05-29-2014_Nikon 16-85 lens-019

I bought this lens approximately 3-3,5 years ago. It acted as my main and only lens for years until recently I started investing into photo gear once again and purchased a 35mm prime lens. To make an informed decision I managed to try out the kit lens, read countless reviews day and night and listened to several YouTube photography gurus. Especially Jared Polin made a big impression on me, he suggested buying better lenses than the standard kit lens. My choice in the end fell on the Nikkor AF-S DX 16-85mm f3.5 – 5.6G ED VR lens that was an ideal high-quality walk-around lens for my D90 with a moderate enough price tag.


Decisions, Decisions on … Photo Equipment

2014-02-23 21.58.30I’ve spent the last three days perusing bigger shopping websites for equipment specs.

Yes, I’m extending… I should have done it years ago when I’ve got into photography but I spent so much on it the first time that I kept postponing spending more and then I wasn’t using it enough the last 1 year.