Canadian Shopping Experience #1

If you haven’t heard about this yet I’ll spend the whole summer in Canada with friends and my sister. In this series I will talk about shopping experiences and stores that are rare or not available in Pennsylvania or the U.S. See past Canadian shopping tours in this post.


In the first installment I wanted to write about thrift shopping in Value Village. I know there are thrift shops in the U.S. too… I’ve been to Salvation Army before but the two cannot be paralleled. Value Village is one hundred times better:

  • Better quality for clothes and accessories
  • Clothes are less smelly
  • The home ware and book section is paradise with beautiful things that are all in good shape

I was in tears looking at the kitchen stuff because I know my luggage limitations… there’s no way I can carry home everything I wanted to buy!!! So I made do with some bits and bobs… See them in future pictures as photography props!


Last time I didn’t go for clothes shopping, I purchased summer shoes instead – a Jessica Simpson sandal and an Sunjuns outside slipper – all barely worn, good quality. Love them so much that the slipper hasn’t left my feet since (you can see the wear slightly, sorry)!


And for my sister I found good quality knitting worsted in baby colors… she is so good at it!


If you are in Canada I highly recommend to drop by Value Village…

See you soon!


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