Mascara Masquerade


My old and trusty mascaras (Maybelline Colossal Volume Waterproof Mascara review here and Clinique High Impact Mascara) both dried out at the same time. I loved the two: the Maybelline was my everyday mascara and I wore the stronger Clinique for special occasions and with evening or eye-heavy make-up. This system worked out quite well so now I’m in search for two new mascaras.

Did I find the perfect matches? Not exactly, I now own one good and one okay in a pinch (such a shame!) and the search is still on.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Extravagant Mascara

I have only a sample size that was part of my Sephora Birthday gift (post here). The packaging says dramatic impact & graphic precision. It’s super black for sure but I’m not a big fan of the brush or more like the end of it. I love the fat part, it curls my lashes beautifully dispensing the right amount of mascara but the tip!!! It has literally no bristles so it is coated with the mascara heavily and leaves globs of it on the lashes sticking them together. It is even visible on the paper sample. I generally need to use my fingers (and stain them all over) to remedy the situation. Yuck! I give it the fact that it will be okay for the lower lashes, especially if you like them heavier-painted. Unfortunately I favor them more natural with only a slight amount of product. It also started to smudge after the 5 hour mark, nothing major but amazingly the drugstore one fared better (perhaps because that one is waterproof). Yes, I used a different one on each eye to see their staying power. Verdict: I’m not going to give it away but it will stay in my bag only as an emergency mascara.

Maybelline Miss Manga Voluminous Waterproof Mascara

I had much better luck with the Miss Manga Mascara. For one I love the commercial with Barbara Palvin, a Hungarian supermodel starring in it. The marketing is ingenious using the parallel with manga character eyes and it showcases the product in a very modern, chick light. For two the ultra movable head could be a big help for those who have a hard time to get down to the base of their lashes. Me? I don’t think I use it that feature at all, but I think, it is very cool. It is a nice black. It leaves a little bit less product on your lashes so if you like it thick you have to apply more than once. I noticed that it curled my lashes a little bit less than the MAKE UP FOR EVER one but it also left less smudges. It also worked wonders on my lower lashes giving them a natural look. It’s perfect as an everyday, not too high impact mascara. I’ll give it an A.

See you soon!



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