Dieting and Health – Weight Watchers


This summer I finally decided to go on a diet. In the last 28 years of my life I never managed to even start let alone follow any diet. Well, I didn’t really see a reason. When I wanted to regulate my weight before I just reined in my consumption a little bit and found a way to move more. It worked until I came to America and even here I had moderate success but I gained so much the first semester and my whole body changed, I’m not a teenager anymore… I’m also spending a lot of time in my swim wear this summer and that made me realize if I want to feel more comfortable I have to do something. This does not mean there’s anything wrong with anybody who’s not reed thin, if you are happy as you are but I haven’t been feeling content in my skin for such a long time… I tire quick and eat when I feel down or bored, that’s not something that I can keep up without consequences. I’ll never be model skinny (I’m not that type) that’s definitely not the goal here. So, let’s see what I’m looking to gain from this journey:

  • Eating smaller helpings (I have a very “healthy” appetite!)
  • Consuming more vegetables and salad
  • Less carbs (I will never get rid of them completely I love bread and pasta too much but limit it)
  • Turning towards fruits when looking for a snack
  • Establish a routine that I can follow easily when I’m back studying
  • Learn to better cope with hunger
  • Loose around 10 pounds

I read about several diets but they are pretty hard to follow, meaning the recipes are weird ()hard to make with strange ingredients so I was looking for something that doesn’t require to modify totally the way I eat and cook, more like encourages me to accommodate healthier options. Then one of my friends recommended the old Weight Watchers and proposed to start it together. We follow the old one not the Weight Watchers Plus because she had a lot of usable materials on hand for the old. It is not a free program unfortunately but definitely worth it. You can register here. It’s also close to my previous philosophy on dieting (less eating more activity) and I’m not suffering by myself! Awesome!!!

Weight Watchers (old) in a nutshell:

Basically you’re keeping track of your meals by figuring out the point value of everything you eat. Depending on your stats you have a certain amount of allowance per day and 35 weekly flex points (for days you need more or have a special event). This means you are not required to give up all the food you know and love just plan ahead so you can have it. Isn’t that awesome? I’ll update you soon how I’m doing…

See you soon!



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