My Summer Skincare and Makeup Staples

06-11-2014_Summer staples-004

Skin care and makeup shifts for me when summer comes. Firstly because I leave to stay with family and friends in Canada and there’s no way of packing everything (still managed a considerable amount of lipstick!?) I wear a little bit less of the last and a little bit more of the first. Anyway there are three key products that see a lot of use and help me keep up with everything…

Clinique Super City Block Broad Spectrum 40 SPF
Skin care wise one of the most important staples is a good SPF. I was looking around a lot before I decided on Clinique’s offering. It’s skin toned with a slightly thicker oily consistency. It smells and feels like a sunscreen and I like that about it… feels like it works the way it should and thankfully the smell doesn’t linger long and my skin absorbs it quickly. Also my makeup (when I decide to bother) sits nicely on it!!!

Kate Somerville Clarifying Toner
The other skin care related product is a clarifying toner with the handiest pump I’ve ever seen. You place your cotton pad on the disk and give it one quick pump down that will dispense the perfect amount of product. One tip: be careful with the lid it comes off but it’s easy to reattach. The toner works well on oily and combination skin and helps clarify and lighten acne scaring. I generally use it 2-3 times a week, though the brand suggests every day and night. I tried that regime and it failed horribly. I’m a combination skin gal and in patches my skin can get really dry so after a week I started to flake and my face broke out badly. The funny thing is that in spite of the appearing acne it was still working miracles on my old spots so I decided not to give up and after a substantial healing time restarted with much caution and a lighter application frequency. Now, it works perfect and my skin just looks better. With these benefits I can opt to wear no foundation at all when I’m not in the mood…
So, conclusions: try it but learn from my mistake and introduce it slowly to your face, monitor the results and you will get a hell of a good skin care item.

Urban Decay De-slick Makeup Setting Spray
Lastly a makeup staple. On the days when I decide to doll up I go all the way… foundation, concealer, bronzer, blusher, highlight. With the heat there’s nothing better than this setting spray to keep my “face” in place and oil free for the whole day. I give two quick sprays: one on the forehead and one on my cheeks and give it a minute or two to dry and I’m good to go. Urban Decay also came out with some other options for different needs so if this one is an overkill for you check out All Nighter Long-lasting Makeup Setting Spray and Chill Makeup Setting Spray Cooling and Hydrating. I heard all of them are good!

See you soon!


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