Miracle Worker Of The Week – Herbal Tea

06-10-2014_Tea favorites-008

I found a new everyday favourite that I wanted to share… It’s tea!!!

I know it sounds weird during this season, but! I’m in “cold land” again meaning voice’s gone for a summer holiday. Yay for warm weather sickness! Thank you pool time, changeable weather and air conditioning…

So, my passion for good tea is rekindled with a new twist. I was always a fruit flavor kinda girl with lots of sugar and lemon but now I find myself reaching for herbal, caffeine free tea without any extra, added taste.

06-10-2014_Tea favorites-019-2

The Stash Tea Company offers several different herbal teas. Their teas are from 100% natural ingredients, caffeine free so it won’t disturb your sleep cycle and they are all deliciously tasty. My two favorites are Peppermint and Lemon Ginger. Since I am back in Canada again I’m not sure of the availability in other countries but Canadian Walmart carries the brand so I’m pretty sure it is sold in the U.S. too. You can find the nicest, poetic descriptions on the boxes so I won’t struggle to come up with one:

  • Lemon GingerThis lively tea offers wide-awake flavour without caffeine. It has a smooth lemon taste with a piquant, lingering bite of ginger.
  • PeppermintStash Peppermint is produced exclusively from top quality Oregon and Northwest grown peppermint, considered the world’s finest. Clean, very minty, refreshing and aromatic, our Peppermint is superb hot or iced. Excellent after meals.

I bought this brand after one of my friends lauded it as the best she ever tried. It’s recommended not only warm but cool too on a sweltering day. At this speed (mug after mug of these healthy, throat-healing choice) I will be back in that pool without fail…

06-10-2014_Tea favorites-033

See you soon with a fragrant mug of tea in my hands,


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