Rummage sale/heaven at the Art Museum

05-11-2014_Rummage Sale-058

It’s garage sale time but I was so busy studying and on a tight budget so I didn’t have a chance to go for any of it. My bad! However I found a flyer for a rummage sale in my town’s Art Museum. It collected money for a good cause and just looking at the sheer amount of stuff lying around a lot of people donated.When we arrived it was already quite late, they were close to closing so everything was on half price. LUCKY!!! I found a lot of knickknacks and hidden treasures dirt cheap. Mainly I’m planning to use these as photography props and some I just needed to have. You know, that urge to own and never let go.

Here are my treasures:

05-11-2014_Rummage Sale-028

A decorative plate from Norway depicting the harbor of Oslo. Beautiful! I’m especially in love with the blue ink on white.
Price: $1.50

05-11-2014_Rummage Sale-037

Handmade salt and pepper shakers from some kind of clam or shell. They are delicate and I love the iridescent exterior.
Price: $2.50

05-11-2014_Rummage Sale-051

My biggest prize! A tea set from OMC. I love the oriental bamboo design. The pot and 3 dishes are in mint condition while 2 of the dishes are slightly chipped. In my opinion the chipping adds to the oldish feel. Can’t wait to use it for photography and real life too! This was one of those must haves.
Price: $15.00

OMC stands for Otagiri Ceramics. It was a Japanese wholesale manufacturing company, that produced a wide range of ceramics, dishware and giftware. The Otagiri brand was discontinued after it was sold to Enesco Group in September 1994. Most Otagiri products are marked with a yellow and gold sticker printed with the initials ‘OMC’ and ‘Japan’. 

05-11-2014_Rummage Sale-052

Wooden fruit ball. I just loved the feel of it. It will be perfect filled up with fruits for food photography pictures.
Prize: $2.50

Hopefully I will be able to visit a few sales during next fall to extend my little collection. You will see these bits and bobs starting to pop up in pictures from September.

See you soon!



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