Weekender – Think Spring!

04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-018

I had a little outing last week, we went for a nice walk at Presque Isle with my friends Kristen, Joshua and Tyson (their dog). It was very windy but the sun was in and out and we had a lovely time. I especially liked the sandy beach… amazing how the lake was still iced over at parts. You can see the white outline on the horizon… that’s all ice! See more below…

 04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-019   04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-113

04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-096   04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-071

04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-063   04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-057

04-12-2014_Outing at Presque Isle-034

There was also a little surprise as well… we went to a shop in Waterford to pick up dog food for Tyson and they had chicks, ducklings and little turkeys… SO CUTE! Fangirl squeeeeeeak! I love life! It can turn a semi-boring dog food pick-up into the best moment of the day! (Excuse the quality, I had only my phone on me and my miserable hair… it was windy and I was literally dressed for grocery shopping.) Here they come!

2014-04-12 11.17.04

2014-04-12 11.17.10   2014-04-12 11.20.03

2014-04-12 11.22.20

And for last but not least the slogan of the weekend. I borrowed it from the pet food shop because it was sooo fitting!

2014-04-12 11.32.54

Think Spring!

See you soon!


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