New Zara Citybag With Zips Review And My Reasons To Return It

03-27-2014_Zara bag-001

During my Canadian visit I found THE bag in Zara, or so I was referring to it in this post about my shopping trip. I needed a stylish and strong everyday laptop bag and I’ve been looking for something similar for at least a year so the decision wasn’t too hard, despite the hefty price tag for my poor, emptier than ever student purse.

The bag arrived promptly in an elegant box and pretty pink wrapping paper and it was just as I thought, beautiful! I love the material, the size and the design in general. The bag is made of a sturdy, thick black leather like material with a subtly glossy textured surface. The zippers go nicely  with the look, a little bit chunky but again very durable just as the handles and the shoulder strap that is wide and strong-looking. It has little stands so the bottom does not touch the ground completely.

03-27-2014_Zara bag-058

03-27-2014_Zara bag-004

03-27-2014_Zara bag-052

The inside is purple and have one big laptop- and a tablet-sized padded pocket on the two sides and a middle area secured by a snag. The middle area has two open pockets, a zipped-up small sleeve in the middle and a small card and phone pocket. Everything is tasteful and elegant, the padded parts could carry my 13″ laptop and/or my iPad.

03-27-2014_Zara bag-037

03-27-2014_Zara bag-039

03-27-2014_Zara bag-047

Now, my grievances with this bag.

First it is not as structured as the previous, famous Zara bag. The side with the less padding is visibly droopy and the bag full just won’t stand up because of it. I’m also not a big fan of the shoulder strap, it is too slim around the buckle and all that weight is heavily bearing down on the buckle holes. Apart from that I especially dislike how it is attached to the bag. When closed the clasps sink in towards the middle of the bag. I find this arrangement really awkward and slightly uncomfortable when on the shoulders. You can see these in the pictures below.

03-27-2014_Zara bag-008

03-27-2014_Zara bag-019

But these inconveniences  are nothing compared to the fact that I walk to uni and however strong this bag seems to be it just won’t carry all my school stuff. The strain is visible just after one day on the straps buckle and at the base of the handles. For me the price tag and the amount of usage I would get out of this bag is not compatible. I will return it with a sad heart (I did love it a lot!), but no regrets all in all.

03-27-2014_Zara bag-060

So, my advice is to buy this bag if you in general use a car. I would also suggest not to pack in it a laptop and a tablet as well.

See you soon!



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