Canadian Luxe Splurge

03-13-2014_Canada luxe splurge-003

Yes, I’m guilty… I confess that I went back after my last post and got some other goodies so you don’t have to wait anymore for photos and swatches.

Clarins Opalescence Face & Blush Powder

Clarins Opalescence Face & Blush Powder

This powder is LOVELY with capital letters. The dark red pouch and case are exquisite in every detail, the embossed pattern in the powder is unique. It is a face powder/bronzer/blush. The color is subtle and changes depending on how you swirl your brush in it. Seems perfect for spring when I find bronzers and some of my blushes too much. We’ll see how it performs. It’s a Limited Edition piece from their Spring Collection… if it is already out I heard they come out a similar product basically every year, so just keep looking out for it!
Clarins Opalescence Face & Blush Powder caseClarins Opalescence Face & Blush Powder

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet no. 43 La Favorite

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet no. 43 La Favorite case

This spring I’m going to rock the rosy pinks, subtle corals and peaches. I love the texture of this Chanel lipstick, creamy yet matte. I wore it only once but it wasn’t drying. I’ll get back to you with a detailed review when I had a chance to test it out in the trenches (meaning a full 18 hours long work and school day)… What I do know about this product is, the packaging is adorable, the click-slide-out lid is ingenious. La Favorite is part of their spring collection but really a permanent piece so it is an easy find at every Chanel counter.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet no. 43 La Favorite

M.A.C. Cremesheen lipstick in Crosswires

M.A.C. Crosswires

This lip color is actually very close to the Chanel one but pops less and has a creamy finish. With it on my lips just look fuller. I love M.A.C.’s creme sheen line it never disappoints…

Now, the swatches:
From left to right – Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet no. 43 La Favorite, M.A.C. Crosswires and Clarins Opalescence Face & Blush Powder
I know the Clarins doesn’t show up very strongly, believe me it’s there. This is only one swipe of all the colors (I’ll try to capture it with more detail for the review).

Canada luxe splurge swatches_living roomIn the shadowy living room

Canada luxe splurge swatches_natural lightIn natural light

Canada luxe splurge swatches_flashWith flash

It actually nearly killed me to take these swatch photos (close to 30 minutes in the three different lighting), from now on I’ll appreciate better the other blogger’s hard work. =)

See you soon!




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