Shopping on Square One

Square One Today I went out shopping to Square One, Mississauga. It’s not Toronto but they offer everything under the sun and does look a little bit more metropolitan with all the sky-scrapers in the center. I also like the mall because it carries all the brands and stores I love and even some that I sorely miss from Hungary, like Zara and H&M or Topshop that I fell in love with during my stay in England. I’m on a student budget but I still squared out some bucks to spend even though I came home with barely anything. Luck was not on my side but I still wouldn’t call the day a total wast either. Here’s how it went… Square One Sephora

I started the morning in Sephora where I stopped by mainly for swatching. I don’t buy anything in Canadian Sephoras only because I have an American Beauty Insider card that’s valid only in the country. You could ask why I don’t do this in the U.S. and the answer is that to my deepest regret the closest and only Sephora in my town is TINY and carries only half of the brands. So my practice is as follows. Whenever I’m in a place with a big enough Sephora I dive in and go crazy (swatch, try-on, sometimes get the shopkeeper-slash-makeup artists advice and compare colors). You should see my hands after one such outing. There’s not one inch of skin left untouched… The Result: new items added to my must-buy list for future web purchases!

Urban Decay Naked palettes

  • Hourglass Dim Infusion lighting blush
  • Hourglass Dim Light and Luminous Light
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 palette
  • Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach
  • Benefit Coralista blush

Hourglass Illuminating Blushes Unfortunately I managed only two photos before they told me you couldn’t take pictures pictures in there… why is that really? It’s free advertising!!! I also visited M.A.C.. I was looking forward to it soo much (we don’t have any close-by)! I wanted to try two of their lipsticks, Syrup and Patisserie, both Lustre and highly recommended. I tested them and liked Patisserie a little bit better with my skin-tone but when I asked to get the product it was out of stock. Well, no biggie… now that I know which one to get I can just order it from their U.S. website. MAC Then I stepped over to Hudson Bay, they have a Chanel counter to salivate for! Here I hit jackpot. I found the perfect peachy pinky lipstick ever and it is in my favorite finish as well! It’s Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet 43 La Favorite. Product photos and swatches are coming soon in my Spring Make-up Trends and Collections post. To finish up I went to look around in my favorite clothing shops. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I had found this way some real treasures in the past. And it happened again… I  discovered Zara is back with a black structured laptop bag. I’ve been waiting for one of those for nearly two years, last time I missed it, it sold out early when I was still trying to save up for it. But the store was out of the bag’s black version. So back to the internet (future?)… A bummer but not altogether disappointing. Thank God for the online purchase option! Zara After the half success of the day I really needed some extra cheering so I decided to take some pictures and go to the movies. I sat in for Gravity 3D. More on the film in tomorrow’s post… 03-11-2014_Square One Shop-036 What are your favorite stores? Do you every order online? See you soon! ♥Eszter


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