Beauty Packing for Travel

traveling on a busIt’s Spring break and I left my not so sunny American small-town and headed for an even less sunny Toronto. Part of my family, my sister, lives there, on the outskirts of Toronto, only 35 minutes away from the center.

My break will last only one week but there are two things in favor for the quick visit:

  1. It is refreshing to be with family who care so much. Having friends is great but nothing like family so Toronto is more like a retreat, a place to charge up my batteries and arm myself against being lonely or homesick. It’s not perfect but the closest thing there is to home, Hungary.
  2. I’m a big city girl, I was brought up in a capital city, Budapest so to spend time in a city as big as Toronto is like being in a candy shop after months of dieting. I love and miss the busy streets, the bustling life and easily accessible shops.

CN Tower, TorontoToday’s post was mostly prompted by my general dilemma of what to take with me. I love to travel and enjoy the feeling of going somewhere but packing is always really hard. I’m a natural klutz (I frequently forget or misplace things) and I am really attached to all my possessions in general so I had to work out a way to logically weight the importance of every item. I would call my method as a gradual down-sizing: I always start out with too much and then step by step pick out the things that I really need with me.

03-08-2014_Travel beauty-006

Here are my steps for beauty packing:

  1. I pile on a free surface everything that I think I need or want with me.
  2. I check for travel versions or products that have a similar purpose but sold with a smaller packaging and place them in my toilette bag of choice.
  3. If there are no alternatives I always have a few travel-sized pots and bottles handy so I can depot to my hearts content.
  4. When depoting is not an option I’ll weigh how much I use the product, if it is daily I’ll consider packing it despite the size (this is rare).
  5. Before finishing up I always pick a few non-essentials that I still want but eliminated in the process. Those are my extras that I can decide to bring depending on my luggage size, weight constrains and the nature of my travel plans.

This is what I packed for this trip:

03-08-2014_Travel beauty-008

03-08-2014_Travel beauty-046

So much, I know! But I travelled really light, only a few sets of clothes and essential electronics so I had more room for beauty bits and less inclination on curbing my bad habits… Anyway, this method still stands and hopefully next time I’ll have more luck (and motivation! can’t wait to wear spring clothes) on down-sizing. See details and products in my next post, My Travel Beauty on Tuesday!

See you soon!


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