Sweet Tooth #2 – Bird’s milk

Bird's milk or Floating Islands

Literally translated from Hungarian this light delicacy is called Bird’s milk while the English cuisine named it Floating islands or the French called it Oeufs á la neige (eggs on cloud). It is simple, fun for kids and adults alike and delicious, something my Mother loved to make when I was little.

02-28-2014_bird milk-007Ingredients:
4 eggs, yolks and whites separated
4 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of flour
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or vanilla sugar/pod
1,5 liter milk


1. First separate the eggs, then add the sugar and vanilla to the yolks and mix it until its color turns into a lighter yellow.

02-28-2014_bird milk-028

2. Mix in the flour and put it to the side when it’s done.

02-28-2014_bird milk-029

3. Start boiling the milk on the stove (you could add vanilla pods or seed if you haven’t used any with the yolk).

02-28-2014_bird milk-033

4. Beat up the egg whites until you get a dense egg foam. The floats doesn’t have to be sugary because the cream is sweet enough but extreme sweet-lovers can add some when the foam is close to be ready.

02-28-2014_bird milk-037

5. Use a big straining spoon to scoop up the foam and gently place them into the hot milk, cooked them on both sides for a minute or two before placing them in a separate bowl or plate.

02-28-2014_bird milk-043

6. Get ready your yolk mixture! Spoon in a little bit of hot milk and mix until the temperatures are more even then poor the egg yolk into your pan of milk. Boil it and stir it  until it slightly thickens. The consistency of the cream depends on your preference, it can be very liquidy and more cream like as well if you use a little bit less milk. Don’t forget, it will thicken up more while cooling!

02-28-2014_bird milk-050

7. Please your cream in a bowl and gently deposit the fluff on top then put it to the side to cool (it can be kept in the fridge, but since it’s really cold outside I just used a lid and placed it outside).

8. It can be eaten on room temperature if you are really impatient (like I was) but it’s better a few hours later when it is appropriately chilled.

02-28-2014_bird milk-062

Bon apetite! Egészségetekre!



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