Miracle Worker Of The Week – Echinacea

Just a quick post and status update. Last week I had The Cold of Doom and even this week I felt kinda down. You know… when you are mostly okay but still not completely over it, energy levels still on the low side. I hate to be this fragile and moody, but my stash has been missing my old go to immune system strengthener, good, old Grapefruit Seed Extract (with capital letters!). Oh, yeah, that baby packed a punch and regularly (around 8 times out of 10) helped me avoid any unpleasant colds and flus.

But I discovered something new and just as sparkly.

Echinacea vitamin


Echinacea vitamin tablets!

Echinacea is a herb. Several species of the plant are used to make medicine from its leaves, flower, and root.

  1. To fight colds and infections
  2. To lessen symptoms

Yay for my new helper and may you be found in abundance when I most need you!

See you soon!


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