Natural Home Remedies For The Cold Of Doom


I have the Cold of Doom. Yes, a cold brought me down. So I thought I could share my sickness routine with some natural home remedies learned from my Mom and other miscellaneous people I have met.

Cold Remedy #1 – Sleep and rest up!

There’s no better way then stay in bed and rest it out. You are the participant of an unseen battle, no soldiers can keep up too long without proper rest.

Cold Remedy #2 – Eat healthy and a lot!

Leave all the junk foodies. I know, we love them but it won’t do you any good. You need healthy with lots of vitamins to boost your poor exhausted immune system to recover. Eat even if you don’t feel like it, you will need the energy, believe me!

Cold Remedy #3 – Drink a lot!

Juice, water or tea are your best options, lay off caffeine for a little while and milk too if you are taking some kind of medicine because it coats your stomach and you cannot absorb all the beneficial substances. You need a lot of liquid against dehydration (TMI – sweaty Betty is good to combat sickness but seriously depletes your bod) and to moist your sore, hurting throat. It also helps to decongest and purifies your body. I drink 10-12 mugs or more per day until I start feeling better.

Cold Remedy #4 – If you have a sore throat, like I do, keep your neck area warm inside and out!

Higher temperature helps! Don’t know how and why but it is a tried and true method of quickly getting over it. I burrow down into my bed or when I’m out and about I keep a shawl around my neck that helps not only my fashion sense but my quick recovery too. Oh, and drink only tepid, warm and hot beverages (sadly no ice or ice cream for the sickly).

Cold Remedy #5 – Try honey and garlic!

Get a small spoon of honey and suckle on it! It coats your throat and lessens the pa

in. Try to put it in your tea! It’s delicious! Garlic kills of germs so try to eat one clove a day. It is more bearable with bread or yoghurt. My 3-year-old nephew eats one for every dinner sending it down with some fruit yoghurt. If he can do it, you can do it too! So, garlic it is!


+ Bonus from the far Yemen

Make ginger tea for your sore throat, it’s real easy! Grate down some ginger root, put it into boiling water and wait for it to soak a while. Then sift it and drink it! Careful it’s strong, you could tone it down with some honey and lemon juice. The Canadian version from my sister: buy a box of candied ginger and nibble on it slowly, the longer the better. It’s good but not nearly as effective as the tea version.

That’s it! Surely use nose drops, lots of tissue and fever medicine when it is needed but this time I am trying to rely on more natural remedies…

Get better and see you soon!


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